War is the most abominable, cruel and stupid of human enterprises. The Ukrainian people never provoked this aggression. Now their safety and their property are threatened or compromised. This is why the United Nations and the Declaration of Human Rights was created. We cannot, should not remain neutral. A massive violation of human rights is unfolding in front of the world, with plenty of witnesses. The world has to raise and say to the bully responsible that this invasion is unacceptable. I stand for human rights. Today I stand with the Ukrainian people. May God protect them and may the world respond appropriately.

Every bullet, every rifle, every tank, every plane, every uniform is a sold good. The saddest aspect of the war is the fact that is a business; a very profitable one for a few people. That is why mindless men and women are send to kill their neighbors. It is not the defense of higher principles or ideas. It is pure and unadulterated greed. Profit on death and suffering. Plain and simple.

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