From the citizens of the free world to Mr. Vladimir Putin:

On February 24th 2022 the independent, democratic and sovereign country of Ukraine was invaded by Russian military forces under your instruction and directions. This attack was unprovoked by any belligerent action of the Ukrainian government or people. As such, you are in violation of international law including the Charter for European Security. 

The excuses put forth by your government as reasons for the invasion are demonstrable lies considering the overwhelming information and coverage available to the citizens of the free world. 

You accuse the government of Ukraine of “Neo-nazism”. How dare you Mr Putin ? How dare you? Millions of brave men and women: your forefathers, fought and laid their lives defending the Motherland of the former U.S.S.R. from the invasion of the Nazi regime. By repeating the Nazi acts of aggression of 1939 towards Poland and 1941 to the USSR you are joining the ranks of the Nazi regime. How dare you betray the memory of millions of your countrymen and women in such way ? Shame Mr. Putin. Shame on you.

As of today, your arrogance and greed, disguised as fear of the democracies neighboring Russia is responsible for the violation of the human rights of over 44 million people. 

Your hands and the flag of your country you disgrace, are stained with the blood of the innocent people of Ukraine, your neighbor. 

Your military power may overwhelm that of Ukraine but not the will of the Ukrainian people for liberty, democracy and self-determination. That is why we, citizens of the world, stand with and for Ukraine, against you and your military apparatus. We do not stand against Russia. We know that your unilateral decision does not reflect the peaceful wishes of the Russian citizens. If you listen carefully enough to your people you will realize that the Russian people are also against this war. We therefore stand also with those courageous Russians being arrested and incarcerated for simply voicing their opposition to war. Sadly, them and those who are too afraid to speak will suffer the consequences of your decision. You are personally responsible for their safety and well-being.

Whatever the outcome of this “special military operation”, history will judge this invasion as an act of unprovoked and unilateral aggression of a sovereign nation and you personally, as a war criminal. This judgment will not be along the side of great military leaders but that of blood-thirsty and cruel dictators whose names are associated with infamy and the worst of Humanity. Like all blood-thirsty dictators you have decided to be in the wrong side of history. You will follow their fate.

You see Mr. Putin we are not afraid of you. We would be happy to tell you in person given the opportunity.

At the Right to Peace Foundation we believe in the right of all human beings to peace. 

You, Mr. Putin are directly responsible for what befalls the country of Ukraine. This time the world is watching and keeping a tally of the consequences. We hold you and your military staff personally responsible for criminal acts of war and violation of human rights resulting from this invasion. The world is watching Mr. Putin.

Stand down and stay out of Ukraine. 

Make no mistake Mr. Putin the world, including me stands with Ukraine. The world stands for Ukraine and against you.